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A consensus-based 

blueprint for Halifax, VA

A  group  of  public,  private, and non-profit leaders  have come together to launch  a comprehensive effort to place the Halifax Area on a sustainable path to growth and prosperity.

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A group of public, private, and non-profit leaders in Halifax County have come together around a strategic planning effort to make the community a more prosperous, successful, and vibrant place. The Halifax County Community Strategic Plan will be a comprehensive, actionable, and consensus-based strategy to guide the community’s collective actions in the years to come.

The Strategic Plan will seek to make Halifax County a better place to live, work, play, and do business. It will address the full range of competitive factors that influence a community’s competitiveness, including talent, education and training resources, infrastructure, business climate, quality of life and place, and so on. The Strategic Plan will gather input from the public via a variety of methods, including an online survey (available at the URL below) that is open to everyone who lives and/or works in Halifax County.

A diverse Steering Committee comprised of representatives from the public, private, and non-profit sectors will guide this six-month process and ensure that it lays the foundation that will allow people and businesses to thrive and wealth to accumulate in the community. The process will conclude in March 2019 and will consist of three phases, details of which may be found on the opposite side of this handout.

Market Street Services, a national community and economic development firm based in Atlanta, will facilitate this strategic planning process. Founded in 1997 as an alternative to traditional community and economic development firms, Market Street’s staff has worked with more than 165 communities in 34 states throughout the country to devise measurable, achievable strategies. Market Street helped the Halifax County Community shape its previous holistic community development strategy, Vision 2020, in 2004.